The Career Maze - Tools for Schools/Career Educators package
Tools for Schools/Career educators package


This includes the tools with suggestions for use with students. Simple cards and tools provide an easy and engaging way for Years 7 and 8 ( and higher) to learn about self and opportunities. They can begin to be aware of the themes that may influence study, career and work choices.   Individual client use (up to 5 copies) – $50.00 Schools/organisations use (multiple copies) – $75.00  
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Facilitating Independent Learning in Tertiary Education – new pathways to achievement
Facilitating Independent Learning in Tertiary Education – new pathways to achievement
I worked for over 10 years facilitating and hearing the story of learner success in gaining tertiary qualifications as they unpacked the skills and knowledge of their careers and addressed the work-based issues and challenges of  their work-based contexts. These processes occurred through an innovative facilitation model and the learning processes explained in this book. Personalised learning is seen as the future of education and the learning pathways at Capable NZ through Independent Learning Pathways and Professional Practice degrees provided a model for this.  Learner voices from the research are used to illustrate and evidence the transformative nature of the reflective learning process.   The model is about equity and entry into the world of qualifications – a door shut to many by traditional process.  The pathways recognised that all skills, work and backgrounds have value; and offered a second chance for mature and experienced learners to gain qualifications, removing barriers that traditionally face workers.   As a career specialist, I have utilised my careers research to look beyond the achievement of a degree to the impact of these learning experiences on 21st century career development, observing the  new career and learning confidence the graduates bring to their work, as well as a  heightened enthusiasm for lifelong learning.  "Facilitating Independent Learning in Tertiary Education – new pathways to achievement" is a professional development asset for educators and career practitioners to discover processes and models  that provide opportunity, respect different knowledges, remove learning barriers and build  the relationships that grow learning and career confidence.   Paperback: $30 + shipping (calculated at checkout) PDF eBook: $12  

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Your 21st Century Career
I have used a range of self-assessment tools which readers can utilise (or practitioners can facilitate) to illustrate approaches to managing your career in the 21st century – these are both very inspiring and very freeing for you, the career creator, if you understand and use them. No matter your age and stage of life, there are learnings that can help you develop a happier and more satisfying career; simple understandings and strategies that allow you to find the path you want and work in a way that better suits you. Use these ‘thinking frameworks’ to better understand you and your best career choices.  Success in 21st century careers depends on changing our thinking, strategies and behaviours to those that work in the new ever-changing and challenging environment of careers; so this is the book to expand your knowledge, free up your thinking, and offer you inspiration and strategies to meet the challenges of the times.  
Heather Carpenter’s book brings together world class research and practical experience to offer valuable insights into this critical part of everyone’s life. Paul Dalziel, Professor of Economics, Lincoln University
‘Your 21st century career ‘ is a concise, clear, readable guide and resource for everyone: students, parents, twenty-somethings,  mid-life career changers, and career practitioners. It is everyone’s go-to must-read book for confidently and effectively managing the challenging world of work and careers…. Wendy, Careers Practitioner, Auckland
If you are just starting in your career, or seeking growth or change, this book has much to offer you. Goodreads
I love so many parts of it…I like accumulating my career capital and my psychological capital. Kathy, Careers Specialist, Christchurch.
Your book "Your 21st Century Career" has been the boost in the midst of mid-winter malaise that I needed. I have particularly enjoyed the career capital exercises. I have been sharing concepts from the book with both staff and my grown-up family…. Geoff, Career Practitioner, Gisborne.
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The Career Maze – Guiding Your Children Towards a Successful Future
The Career Maze – Guiding Your Children Towards a Successful Future
"Our job as parents and career practitioners is to help young people come to know their unique and individual selves well enough to choose the right paths to move forward into becoming competent adults they desire to be" (p13, The Career Maze.). This book is a guide for parents to help their children build the foundations for early career choices, and lifelong career progress, giving practical ways to
  • grow aspirations, and self-belief - essential pre requisites for career confidence
  • help your child grow in self-knowledge- the key to choosing the career paths that create motivation, achievement and satisfaction
  • use simple exercises and strategies with your children to create real and helpful career conversations
  • learn how to lay the groundwork for future employability and resilience....
A  great book for influencing all 'us' parents .........a fabulous and well needed focus. Sharee, Parent, Dunedin
It was great to have your book to recommend to parents. It is so easy to read with good practical advice. Denise, Careers Consultant, Otago.
You have brought together a wealth of sensible advice, supported by robust research, which will be really useful for parents and anyone working with young people thinking about career options. David, Vocational Consultant.
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Composite Cards - The Career Maze
Strengthening identity and easing choices

A resource manual for using revised Holland theory and tools to develop identity and adaptability in challenging times

While we make many job choices in a 21st century career, they are usually connected by particular themes. Knowing our themes strengthens identity and assists our choices,  and our understanding of adaptable fit. What is it: A resource describing the theory of John Holland in new revised  language and with simple tools which highlight themes and aspirations – insights that can be used to meet students or client’s needs. WHY USE THIS: Identity theory is about strengthening the self, and self-knowledge is a compass for good choices.  When you understand your range of ‘best fit’ areas, the themes of your lives, you are better able to adapt your choices for the opportunities and challenges of today’s workplace ( ‘adaptable fit’). For young people developing identity these easy clear tools provide a simple framework for guidance in a complex world. For older clients they provide clarity and self-knowledge to strengthen their career confidence and inform choices. This package has ideas for self-assessment and insights for clients of all ages:
  • A Workshop PDF outlining the revised concepts and use of the resources,
  • Self-assessment Start Cards and Job Clouds tools that can be printed and laminated for table-top use, (or used on screen), with suggestions for use.
  • A completion sheet for Professional Development
  AVAILABLE as a group Workshop – email your interest.    
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Career Conversations
A workbook to help parents help their children to grow their dreams and aspirations, and build confidence for future careers PDF eBook: $12   Use in conjunction with: "The Career Maze – guiding your children towards a successful future": Paperback: $30 + shipping (calculated at checkout) Good Career Conversations – a guide for parents: free  
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start cards
Discussion Tools
Here are a range of tools that can be used for one to one or group discussion, either face to face or on a remote session / distance call. 

Start Cards

Based on the Self- Directed Search these theme cards have been a favourite tool for many who require a short efficient tool if they are time limited. They can lead to lengthy in-depth discussions on life themes as well.These need to be printed as Cards. A Card template is provided to download for this - it can be done very cheaply.

Compass Tool 

This is an excellent self-rating tool for school students which makes the connections between their learning, skills interests and potential industries for work. Clear and easy to follow.    

Assessing Career Capital 

This exercise has been used successfully with all ages – it comes as a surprise to younger students that they can intentionally build career capital, and for older clients this gives them a chance to make explicit and examine their knowledge, motivational and network capital.    Downloadable resource Individual client use (up to 5 copies) - $35.00 Schools/organisations use ( multiple copies ) - $75.00
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