Careers Leadership

What does the current environment require from careers people? (The collective YOU)?

  • Leadership – and the confidence to lead
  • Expertise in your discipline / craft
  • Creative dissemination of ideas
  • Innovation with systems, programmes

All, or any one of these attributes create/enhance a  reputation. Assess your reputation and consider how you strengthen it. 

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Good Career Conversations – a guide for parents

A recent edition of the OECD Employment Outlook provided us with the information that that long-term career prospects are largely determined in the first ten years of working life.

How ? Getting on the right track, doing training or work that suit and motivates them to learn and feel competent,  gaining skills and economic momentum early makes a significant difference to future lives. Too much trial and error can lead to loss of confidence- and weakened prospects. So what is the ‘thriving path?’

This PDF provides parents with an overview of young peoples’ decision-making and information to support them in this process. 

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Identity Tools

Identity Tools:

  • Are about 'recognition' - this is me;
  • Allow the story to emerge - let me tell you more;

This PDF outlines the important understandings related to identity and careers and the critical importance of identity tools for young people.

Self-assessment is a key skill for lifelong learning, and you can help young people to learn this, and learn about themselves in the process.

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Your Best Career – New frameworks for development

Your thinking, your guide!

You do best when you understand the 21st century environment, and your beliefs and frameworks of thinking are up to date…

Inspiration is what motivates and energises us, and we get it from ideas that make us feel alive and see ourselves and our future in a new way.

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Career Management Guide – Taking Charge

The Career Management Guide – Taking Charge provides strategies for developing skills of employability and self-management..

  • Self-Management – helps with ways to self-manage study and monitor their progress.
  • Project Manage Your Study introduces the concept and skills of  Project Management to organise themselves and their study in a new and relevant framework.
  • Understand Employability is a section that encourages self-assessment of workplace starter and employability skills.
  • Knowledge of the Professional YOU – inform young people what workplace behaviour to a high standard means.

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21st Century Skills - Student Discussion

For success in post school opportunities, students need to lift their competencies and skills - they are making the transition to become adult self directed learners, and they need help to know what is expected of them. This resource is designed to:
  • assist your senior students to develop the skills for their next learning step, and provide an ongoing reminder of what they must master
  • educate them about career management skills and strategies for 21st century work
  • record their progress on key decision-making area

These summary sheets are most suitable for those students who are in their final years of secondary school, and who are going on to tertiary education and training. Their next step is to become adult self directed learners, and the skills - and language - of the document prepares them for this.

This is a 4 page, A3 sized resource in full colour, which is visually attractive and engaging.  Why pen and paper? For easy access, for you, other teachers, and the student.

  • page 1 provides self rating columns for self-managed study and career decision-making skills (promoting skills of monitoring progress);
  • page 2 provides a reflective exercise on Self, Skills and Possibilities (promoting skills of analysing and reflecting);
  • page 3 provides a record of progress in career decision-making areas (promoting skills of exploring and researching);
  • page 4 gives information on building assets for a 21st century career (promoting skills of managing and strategising).

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