Your Thinking, Your Guide

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Part of our job as career practitioners is to be career educators in 21st century knowledge, and offer the strategies that bring new powerful thinking to young and old.

With success in 21st century careers depending on changing our thinking, strategies and behaviours to those that work in the new ever-changing and challenging environment of careers; it means expanding our knowledge, freeing up our thinking, and offering clients new inspiration and strategies to meet the challenges of the times.

The joy of working in careers is that change can happen in a second. Unlike other counselling when you may have to work your way through deeply embedded pathology to help clients find a way, transformation is possible in a split second—you see the light go on in a clients mind, and they see something about themselves that they previously missed.

The client’s concept of themselves is  enlarged and a shift happens: their energy increases, they see how their world could change and ways to change it. The shift  begins in the mind, and continues as far as their energy and courage takes it. Over and over again I have watched clients have a powerful thought, a moment of awareness through realisations—and without complex testing and analysis.

They have reached a  new thought through a new idea. My second book is based on this premise, I have aimed to find simple ways to put new frameworks from the world of 21st century career management in front of people, so that they will more easily see what is required of them. We  are all familiar with the new paradigm of career and the definitions that arise from it – and it’s great to see this is one of the first understandings promoted on the new WA website

Yes, you do have a career! Far from being an elitist concept that applied to the professional few….

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