Why a new assessment tool?

Because career decisions remain the most important investment decision of our lives –in terms of self-development as well as financial progress.

A good start for young people –early choices that match our talents and interests –lead to motivation, achievement and satisfaction. Young people who choose well are likely to be five years ahead in their learning and career progress by the age of thirty because they have been in environments where they have been motivated to learn, perform and work to potential. They have built their competence and confidence. That’s five years ahead on productivity, income and all the satisfaction of getting somewhere you want to go.

Poor choices lead to poor investment of time, energy, money and often bring a lack of confidence to make further choices.

The need for choice arrives for everybody at some stage- some move happily for many years through roles that just turn up – until the moment when they don’t, and they are forced to confront choices for their future. Lack of satisfaction, redundancies, new inspirations, later life change are all reasons to rethink your directions.

There are some simple rules –all they require is some good thinking, and the program helps you with this.

Self + Skills = Possibilities

Good self-knowledge –what kind of person am I, what environments am I likely to thrive in?


What skills do I really enjoy using, or would love to learn, become better at? This is an important clue as jobs are made up of skills you like using.


The job choices/areas I should explore for my best options.


LETS NARROW IT DOWN so your exploration is in the best direction for you, where the odds of making the really wrong or dead- end decision are lessened. It is a much better option to start in the place that allows you adjustment and growth over time into the better roles because you have developed the right skills!

Choices Match

Choices Match offers a path through these three areas –

  • What kind of person am I? Using a shortened and adapted form of the Self Directed Search, a highly validated self-assessment tool,
  • the skills you want to use now or in your future,
  • the industries/environments you are attracted to work in-where you are most likely to progress and be satisfied,
  • a chance to review and explore logical job choices in these areas for more directed decision-making.

Throughout the program you will use a self- assessment process – NO long questionnaires are involved, and the program is colour coded to assist you to track your path.

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